Building the Future for Local Food

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Mission Statement

Are we actually ready for local food?

Our mission is to build a better Local and Organic food business that improves on existing infrastructure and is both sustainable and equitable. We are driven to provide opportunities for those who produce responsibly, on a local and regional basis, to have access to large distributors, retailers and foodservice clients. We are dedicated to being fully traceable and transparent throughout the food chain. We will be part of a long term solution to bring the very best produce and proteins to market. Success will be defined by the long term improvement of the production and distribution of products that make us better while providing for an effective company.


Building the Future for Local Food.

Introducing a national platform for local food aggregation, designed specifically to ensure locally sourced, responsibly produced, economically viable products are brought to market at scale. The backbone of the US local food movement is the local food hub – a locally or regionally managed aggregation, processing, distribution point for local farms and growers. Today these hubs are loosely tied to the end market by informal agreements that are inadequate to serve this exploding market and will result in problems with marketing and scale that will slowly dissolve this supply sector.

With extensive collective experience in local and organic produce and protein marketing, sales, production, and logistics, FoodHub Link is developing future for local foods where food hubs become the drivers for a more responsible and equitable food system. We believe in a system that prioritizes and positions local food first, improving not only overall sustainability and accountability of growers and food purveyors generally, but realizing a collective dream of making food transparency and traceability the cornerstones of our food economy.