Vincent Farms

Farm Stats

Location: Laurel, DE

Acreage: 2,000 Acres

Sweet Corn
Bell Peppers
Chile Peppers

Vincent Farms

Laurel, DE

Vincent Farms, located in the Laurel/Delmar area of Southern Sussex County, Delaware grows and ships produce that includes sweet corn, watermelons, bell peppers, tomatoes and cantaloupes in the summer as well as pumpkins and gourds in the fall. Vincent Farms started in 1978 with two acres of watermelons. The crop was grown and harvested by family members and sold at the local farmers’ auction market. In the nearly 30 years since, the farm has grown in both size and scope to the point that it ships nearly 1000 truck loads of produce annually to markets that include the entire eastern region of the United States and Canada.

The Vincent family is proud of its agricultural heritage and is committed to maintaining this legacy for generations to come. Some of the land that comprises the 2000 acres currently in production has been farmed continuously by members of the Vincent family for five generations. In order to sustain production, Vincent Farms uses environmentally responsible practices in the growing, harvesting, packing and shipping of its produce. Nutrients and pesticides are only applied to the crops as needed based on tissue samples and constant field monitoring. Additionally, all the vegetable crops are irrigated using the latest practices that reduce runoff, water usage, and energy consumption.

The practices used today by Vincent Farms will help insure the viability of the operation while maintaining the resources entrusted to them. Many in the non-farm community have, fairly recently, been made aware of the concepts “environmentally responsible” and “sustainable”. These concepts are but a subset of a Vincent family value of “being a good steward” that has been and will continue to be passed on from one generation to the next.

Ray Vincent