Rawl Farms

Farm Stats

Location: Lexington, SC

Acreage: 2,200 Acres


Rawl Farms

Lexington, South Carolina

The Rawl Family began growing produce  in Lexington County, SC in 1948.  They grew a variety of produce but focused mainly on leafy greens and green onions.  Most of the produce grown by the Rawl Family during that time was sold at the SC State Farmers Market.


Clayton Rawl grew up working with his family on the farm. His sons, Spanky and Chris, grew up working on the same land Clayton had.  In 1982, Clayton Rawl Farms was formed. Clayton, Spanky, and Chris continued working together and began acquiring more land and expanding their product line. As the business grew, Clayton Rawl Farms continued to have a strong presence at the SC State Farmers Market but also added customers to include grocery stores and other distributors along the eastern coast of the United States.


Today, Clayton Rawl Farms is one of the largest leafy green growers in the Southeast.   The business employs 175 people, operates its own trucking line, and farms over 2200 acres of produce.  Production has been expanded to tomatoes, squash, peppers, eggplant, cukes and much more to meet the rising demand.