Fresh H20 Growers

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Location: Stevensburg, VA

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Bibb Lettuce
Oak Leaf Lettuce
Batavian Lettuce
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Fresh H20 Growers

Stevensburg, VA

Fresh2O Growers, Inc. is a family-owned greenhouse business that specializes in growing fresh organic local hydroponic lettuce both sustainably and efficiently is located in Stevensburg, VA. Joe Van Wingerden began production in the spring of 2013 with the help of his son, Ben Van Wingerden. Joe brought over forty years of experience growing hydroponic lettuce as well as installing over 4 million square feet of greenhouses. With this experience he started Fresh2O using his own proprietary growing system and patented packaging. They can grow up to three million heads of lettuce in a year, comprised of 8 different varieties including Bibb, Oak leaf, Batavian, and Romaine, in both green and red varieties. FresH2O lettuce arrives in your hands with roots intact, within 24 hours of harvest. FresH2O maintains an eco-friendly operation, recycling 100% of their water and collecting water in two retention ponds on-site.