McCutcheon’s Apple Products

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Location: Frederick, MD

Filtered Pasteurized Apple Cider

McCutcheon’s Apple Products

Frederick, MD

In 1938 at the age of eighty William O. McCutcheon retired from the Colt & Dixon Canning Co. in Frederick, MD. Being an energetic and industrious man he was not ready to give up working. With the help of his son Robert J. McCutcheon and Robert’s wife Helen, they purchased a used apple press for $25.00. They set the press up on a property in downtown Frederick, MD and began custom pressing apples for the local farmers. As the years passed they added the service of custom boiling the local farmers apples into apple butter using the farmer’s recipes. McCutcheon’s operation remained much the same until the 1950’s when they built more modern buildings to house their operations. In the 1950’s McCutcheon’s produced Apple Cider and Apple Butter under their own label and began selling their products in their retail store attached to the factory and to other vendors around the area. McCutcheon’s Apple Products is right across from the Carroll Creek Phase II new walkway and is looking forward to some new expansions in their Factory Store in the future. As time goes on, McCutcheon’s will continually be adding new products to our beloved selection while staying committed to maintaining the highest quality ingredients for the best home recipe products.