Blue Sky Farms

Farm Stats

Location: Elkton , FL.

Acreage: 700 Acres

Red Potatoes
White Potatoes
Yellow Potatoes
Fingerling Potatoes
Sunlite – a low carb potato

Blue Sky Farms

Elkton , FL.

Blue Sky Farms was established in 1987 by owner Danny Johns and is headquartered in the heart of Florida’s potato capital. The Johns family has farmed in Hastings since 1923 and known for a strong history of innovative farming. Blue Sky Farms owns the Blue Sky label of products and has established itself as a market leader in quality and customer service. By using progressive technology Blue Sky can provide the highest quality of potatoes to your table. Cultivating over 20 different varieties of potatoes on 700 acers ranging from red, white, yellow, fingerlings and sunlite – a low carb potato. Blue Sky is committed to good stewardship of both natural and human resources. Agricultural and environmental awareness combined with interdisciplinary efforts in research and education.