Turkey Knob Growers

Farm Stats

Location: Timberville, VA

Acreage: 2,500 Acres


Turkey Knob Growers

Timberville, VA

The history of Turkey Knob Orchard began in 1918 with 300 acres by the Byrd Brothers. The orchard has steadily grown since then and over the decades became known for its high quality pack. In 1994, Sonny Bowman purchased the property and packing/storage facility. A complete upgrade of the packing operation was complete when the packing line was computerized and the facility was updated. Mr. Bowman formed an alliance of his orchards and other growers for growing and packing fresh apples known as Turkey Knob Growers. The new packing operation was named Bowman Fruit Sales. Bowman Fruit Sales stores, packs and sells 100% of the fresh apple production of Turkey Knob Growers, which today totals some 2,500 acres of apples.