Our Mission…

FoodHub Link will build a better Local and Organic food business that improves upon existing infrastructure and is both sustainable and equitable. We are driven to provide opportunities for those who produce responsibly, on a local and regional basis, to have access to large distributors, retailers and foodservice clients. We are dedicated to being fully traceable and transparent throughout our food chain. We will be part of a long term solution to bring the very best produce and proteins to market. Success will be defined by the long term improvement of the production and distribution of products that make us better while providing for an effective company.

We Believe…

FoodHub Link’s vision for the future of food service in the United States:

We believe in a future where food hubs are the drivers of a responsible and equitable food system.

We believe in a system that prioritizes and positions local food first, improving overall sustainability and accountability of growers and food purveyors generally.

We believe in the collective dream of making transparency and traceability the cornerstones of the entire food economy.

We believe in a world where strategic production is aligned with the market, producers are accountable, distributors and retailers have a reliable supply, and the process drives consumer confidence at every level.

Local Demand…

Consumers are much more educated and interested in the food consumed. The demand for high quality, safe, local food is growing faster than the organic market.

Efficient year round supply of high quality local produce has not matched the ever growing demand.

FoodHub Link, with SYSCO Foods, is meeting this demand using the best growers within a 400 mile radius.

Now you can supply your guest with the local produce they request.

Our Products…

Year Round Local Produce